Taurus and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

Taurus and Cancer Compatibility: Love, Sex & Relationships…

At first glance, a Taurus woman and a Cancer man seem destined for love. At second glance, they still do. The sensual, practical Taurus woman and the sensitive, emotional Cancer just seem to fit together. In fact, these two can be amazing. As always, though, there will be challenges to face and differences to overcome, while other factors in the synastry chart will influence the compatibility as well. You may be just at the start of trying to develop a relationship. If you want a helping hand, check out LoveToKnow’s eBook called Grabbing the Bull — it’s filled with advice about how to make Taurus fall in love with you. You can woo that Taurus and keep her in love with you forever. Find out how, and what that means for both of you.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Zodiac Compatibility 3, Views. The Cancer man and Taurus woman do have a lot in common, both are discreet and unassertive. Right from the start, a Cancer man Taurus woman compatibility has a good chance of being successful. Cancer Taurus friendship will be comfortable and secure for both of them. Neither of them is in a rush to get any relationship off the ground.

The Taurus female is loyal and dependable, but don’t risk losing her trust. Find out what it is like to date a Taurean woman. The Cancer male.

If a Taurus woman has fallen for you, you are one lucky duck. But first, you need to know how to tell if a Taurus woman is in love with you. Read on! I can tell you that this gal is not likely going to send you any mixed messages. In fact, if you look over and see her throwing signals at someone like hammers and that person is not getting it, you may wonder if that person is an Aquarius or something.

They say that the eyes of a love-bitten Taurean are filled with light and mush and seduction. They sparkle, and they sparkle only for you. In the beginning, a Taurus woman might shyly look away if caught staring longingly at you. All Tauruses want to be close to the object of their desire. These bulls are creatures of the five senses, lovers of pleasure, appreciators of everything about you that they can see, smell and touch. This is one of her most famous traits: Taurus sensuality.

And she will expect you to keep up with that. But there will also be subjects she starts bringing up that shine a light on her feelings.

How to Tell If a Taurus Woman Is in Love with You (9 Telltale Signs)

She is carnal, physical, and bodily. She focuses on the senses as her way of arousal. She gets very involved with the one she takes home. The Bull loves massage, cuddling, and frequent sex. They indulge in the finer things in life that appeal to their senses.

The Taurus man will lavish enough affection on the Cancerian woman, to banish the fears she’s accumulated since childhood that nobody really.

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Taurus Woman and Cancer Man Love Horoscope

Erica Garvin. Can Cancer men and Taurus women have a successful relationship that is compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Cancer Man and Taurus Woman relationship has a lot of potential when they both have a lot in common. The Taurus Woman is looking for as much stability in the home as the Cancer Man will.

TAURUS WOMAN & CANCER MAN. This is a very nice sexual match. She wants a love that is simple, and Cancer wants one that is deep.

I hope you enjoy this article! The Taurus woman and Cancer man are a delightful combination and are most compatible when it comes to finances and home life. Of all the possible zodiac combinations for a Taurus woman, this is perhaps the most classic, and this pair is reminiscent of childhood sweethearts who have stood the test of time and demonstrate a sweet, innocent, and a rather classic form of love.

Both the Taurus woman and the Cancer man adore tradition and can be sentimental in nature, which means that these two revels in sweet romance a belief in love, family, and a devoted union. Both signs also crave a harmonious family, and a big part of their staying power can be put down to their attention and devotion to their home life.

The Taurus woman and the Cancer man are also known for their natural affection and nurturing nature, so the idea of a stable and long-term mate and home will thrill them, and they will put down roots with the intention of staying the distance.

Taurus – Cancer Love Compatibility

Are you wondering what the deal with Taurus and Cancer compatibility is? In a Taurus and Cancer connection, the cosmos brings together two loving souls. Both are homebodies with an eye for beauty and taste for the flavorful. They share similar values and ethics, and the dream of raising children. Taurus and Cancer have a penchant for creature comforts. These lovebirds need stability and security.

Read the information for Cancer man Taurus woman compatibility in love! Will these two get What do you know about a Cancer man and a Taurus woman? In general, people Cancer Man Traits Every Girl Must Know When Dating Him.

They are two positions apart within the Zodiac, and such Signs tend to share karmic ties and a deep mutual understanding. These particular two Signs have much in common: Both prize security in a love relationship above almost all else; both tend to be nurturers Cancer is emotionally nurturing while Taurus loves to spoil their lover with sensual delights, gifts and good, rich meals.

The Taurus-Cancer partnership tends to be a happy one due to this mutual enjoyment of the security and comfort of home. They love a solid home base, a strong relationship, nice possessions, good food: all the comforts of domestic life. Theirs is often the ideal family that people of other Signs strive for, with strong ties between them and a relationship that is family-oriented rather than toward the outside world.

Their only major problems arise when Taurus insists on having its own way and Cancer responds by sulking. Both of these celestial bodies vibrate with feminine energy. Cancer often keeps emotions bottled up and simmering inside, which can lead to occasional boil-overs. As the Moon controls the tides of the Earth, quietly affecting all life, so does Cancer, manipulating behind the scenes. Cancer tends to be sentimental, and both partners prefer to enjoy each other rather than socializing with large groups.

Water and Earth are compatible as tangible, physical entities. In turn, Taurus tends to have a more stable view of life than does Cancer and is less prone to emotional turmoil; therefore, Taurus can help Cancer stabilize their tumultuous feelings. This can provide Cancer with an emotional rock, as Taurus is entirely dedicated to the relationship.


Taurus and Cancer are cautious in love, as they are in life. They both want to take their time getting to know each other. They’re both looking for a sure thing, and won’t rush into romance. The Bull and Crab are extremely affectionate and lovers of home, so if a love connection is made, there’s a lot of room for happiness to steadily grow.

I’m a Taurus Woman and I’ve just started dating a Cancer Man It’s like I’ve known him for so long It’s kinda scary but I’m going for it because I get all warm and.

Then this guide is for you! Astrologers view Taurus and Cancer as some of the greatest asexual signs in the entire zodiac. They have no urge to make love just for the sake of it. But, this does not mean they are asexual in any way. Taurus is a symbol of physical pleasure. Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality, is its guide. Taurus needs to treat their sexual experiences with the seriousness it deserves.

They need to make their partners satisfied by feeling every part of their body. By touching, seeing, and smelling; sex life is made enjoyable. Cancer has a high need for closeness. As such, they seem to be perfect in building trust in their sexual relationship. The Cancer male enjoys most being pampered.

Cancer Man & Taurus Woman

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